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In regard to yesterday’s post, in which I wrote that my urologist said that too much ejaculation is bad for the prostate — something of which I have found absolutely no evidence online — a reader, who, after extensive research, also found nothing online, writes:

“In ways, there is some twisted humor in this. Suppose…

“After having Friday night sex, you both want to repeat in the morning. What do you do? If you already had your three ejaculations that week, can you borrow against next week’s quota? If that was your second ejaculation and you’re dating another guy on Saturday night, do you tell Mr. Friday Night you can’t because you want to save a potential ejaculation for the new guy? What if you don’t ejaculate for a week? Can you bank those for the future? That gives new meaning to ‘sperm bank.’

“Have you seen the ‘Seinfeld’ episode in which Elaine has to determine if her boyfriends are ‘sponge-worthy’ when she runs low on her contraceptive sponges? With your thrice a week maximum, will you now have to determine if a guy is ejaculation-worthy? Will you also have to decide what’s worth more: a sure thing jerk-off or a possible sexual interaction? How’s that proverb go… a cock in the hand now is worth two guys going down on your bush later?”

I’ve wondered similar things. Like, what if I get horny and it’s not my ejaculation day? Am I supposed to get blueballs? And should I refrain from masturbating the night before a date? This all makes no sense, and I think my urologist is speaking out of his ass.

As it were.

7 thoughts on “More Ejaculation

  1. You’ll know if you’ve ejaculated too much because your prostate will “ache.” Use your common sense. Ejaculate less if you’ve been drinking heavily that week, had lots of caffeine or otherwise misbehaved, more if you’ve been really good about pushing the tomato and cranberry juice and other prostate purifiers. Your body will definitely let you know how its feeling.

  2. Ejaculations are the result of erections. To control your ejaculatory frequency, did the urologist tell you to limit how often you have erections?

    The Male Manifesto

    by Edward Field

    Coming is overrated, and in the long run

    falls into the category of a good sneeze.

    The body’s best trick is erection,

    holding up the universe on your finger.

    Gesundheit, Tin Man.

  3. “Like, what if I get horny and it’s not my ejaculation day?”

    HILARIOUS! I’ve been laughing about this sentence you wrote all day. Oh, the multitude of humorous possibilities it brings to mind.

    As long as you can laugh, Tin Man, you, your prostate, and your physical & mental health will be fine.

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