Movable Type!

Hooray! At long last, it finally works!

I’ve converted my blog to Movable Type. After a few mishaps — mostly involving me attempting to import all my Greymatter entries, or me fiddling with the database files and accidentally screwing things up, several times — it’s finally good to go. I still have a few templates to fill out and some things to figure out how to use (such as Trackback), but everything should be functional now. I ultimately decided not to import my Greymatter entries after all, but rather to leave them where they are, because I want those entries to retain their old URLs, and importing the files winds up screwing up the numbering. So my old Greymatter entries and my new Movable Types entries will live in the same directory, and hopefully I won’t somehow accidentally erase all my Greymatter stuff someday. Anyway, the numbering is starting over with this entry — or rather, with the previous entry; I figured since it’s the beginning of the month I may as well keep all the November stuff together, so I imported just the previous entry. Luckily, Greymatter and Movable Type use different numbers of zeroes in their entry URLs, so 0000001.html will not be written over by 000001.html.

One disappointment is that I can’t figure out how to use “oil me” when there are no comments listed. With Greymatter, you can set your comment line to display different things for zero comments, one comment, or plural comments, but it appears that with Movable Type, you can only use one thing. If someone can figure out how I could do “oil me” again, I’d appreciate it, because I always liked that little line. [Note: as you can see, I’ve fixed it. Thanks, Alan!]

Goodbye, Greymatter. I’ll miss your cute purple, green, and yellow color scheme, but I should be able to do a lot more with my blog now.

Anyway, back to blogging.

10 thoughts on “Movable Type!

  1. Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay! Welcome to the wonderful world of MovableType. Now you should set up an RSS feed, too (so easy to do with MT), so I can follow your site updates through Bloglines.

    And glad to see Alan suggested MTEntryIfComments; it’s what I’d been using on elf-reflection, as well, to have the comments prompt vary between “add your reflection” and “[x] ripple(s)”. I also highly recommend mt-blacklist for preventing comment spam.

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