WYSI Not Always WYG

Last night Matt and I attended That’s So Gay: Tales of Extremely Gay Gayness, the latest installment of WYSIWYG and the first one either of us had been to. It was filled with great performances, each of which was different and special in its own way. Besides the performers, many other gay bloggers were in attendance — some of whom I’d never met before and some of whom I hadn’t seen in ages. I got to catch up with Charlie, whom I last saw more than two years ago and who reminded me of our long-ago trip to the West Side Club. (Shiver.) He met Matt and said that Matt’s obviously been a great influence on me — that I seem happier and much less neurotic these days. Yay Matt! (And yay Celexa.)

I caught up with Faustus, Sparky, Sam, Scott, Andy, and Chris. I got to meet MAK, Crash, and Bob (whom Matt and I agreed was a hottie). I think some other bloggers were there, but I didn’t get to meet them.

Besides Faustus, Sparky, Charlie and Bob, the performers included Kiri, Jimbo (who read a hilarious story about a drag-queen race mishap), and Kythryne. The grand finale was an appearance by The Hazzards, who read some of their hate mail and performed their big Internet hit, “Gay Boyfriend.” (Matt got an autograph.)

What most struck me last night was Charlie’s comment that I seem less neurotic today. A blog isn’t all of a person’s life, of course, but I certainly feel less neurotic. I’m much happier with myself and my life than I was a couple of years ago. But I’ve also learned not to let everything hang out on my blog like I used to. I no longer need that kind of attention; I no longer feel like I need the world watching me in order to have my existence validated.

It probably makes for less entertaining blog entries, but given the choice between more readers and a better sense of well-being, I’ll take the latter any day.

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