Some Things I’ve Written

The Top Ten Moments of My 20s

Padilla Verdict: The Rule of Law Won
letter to the New York Times, August 18, 2007

Gay Sex in the ’00s
New York Blade

Bush and Gays
letter to the New York Times, June 11, 2003

Why I Think Conservatism is Wrong

The “Meaning” of Matthew Shepard
UVa Declaration, October 22, 1998

Imagine Tolerance, Effect Change
UVa Cavalier Daily, October 21, 1998

Statement in support of my former high school’s Gay/Straight Alliance
(October 1998)

Fool’s Errand: A Book Review
(October 1999)

From the blog:

Buffy Reviews (mostly season 7)

From college:

In Honor of St. Valentine
(February 14, 1995)

Belonging Again
(May 1, 1995)

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