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Matt and I saw “Mean Girls” last night and loved it. I’ve long been a fan of Tina Fey; with her beauty, her intellect and her wit, she’s one of the few females out there who could probably de-gay me.

In honor of her feature-film debut (and I hope this doesn’t go too much against the spirit of the film), I present the following photo from one of my old yearbooks:

Tina Fey at UVA

That’s Tina’s senior class photo at the University of Virginia. She graduated in 1992.

Tina and I were fellow ‘Hoos. She was a fourth-year at UVa when I was a first-year. (That’s “senior” and “freshman,” respectively, for all you non-Jeffersonians.) Although I never knew her, I was, like her, an aspiring drama geek. I performed in “Sweeney Todd” during my first year at UVa, in a cast consisting entirely of fellow first-years. That spring, I tried out for my first college-wide show, “Cabaret,” but I didn’t even make callbacks — I was that bad. (My drama career ended shortly thereafter.) In hindsight, I wish I’d made it into the show like some of my “Sweeney” comrades did, because then I might have had the chance to get to know Tina; she played the lead female character in “Cabaret,” Sally Bowles. I think I would have liked her.

Tina, congratulations on your top ranking at the box office this weekend and on your hilariously bitchy yet ultimately sweet movie. I wish you continued success at “Saturday Night Live” and in all your future projects.

(More on Tina: Anchor Woman: Tina Fey Rewrites Late-Night Comedy, by Virginia Heffernan, November 3, 2003.)

7 thoughts on “Tina Fey

  1. I, too, loved Mean Girls. As a connoisseur of teen movie comedies, it’s definitely the best since Bring It On, which is one of the best movies EVER (Election falls outside this range, because it was more of an indie movie first).

  2. i really don’t find tina that funny on SNL, in fact it’s jimmy’s antics that ususally bring the deadend silence of her jokes to a smirk or chuckle. i haven’t seen the movie or plan on doing so, but i thought i’d share my opinion as well.

    -long live the old cast of snl!!!
    the best: chevy, eddie, adam, mike, chris, david, dan, phil, and all who are watching the new snl in all its “mad tv”-esque disgust

  3. Jimmy fallon is a damn clown shoe. Hes lucky hes always in sketches with Tina and Horatio Sans. Otherwise he would be forgotten like cast members from the mid 80s.

  4. you’ve gotta be kidding me! Everyone except for will farrell sucks, and i don’t even understand how you can sit through more than 10 seconds of those untalented people hopping around making noises, and if you think the cast members of the 80’s are forgotten then tell me why mike meyers and adam sandler and chris farley and david spade and norm macdonald and chevy chase and more all made box office hits we all watch todat

  5. hi im jojo im 13 years old and im in grade 8 and i live in new york i ve loved tina foe as long as i could remember she is a great person and a great actor and i love her in mean girls its my fav movie b.c f her and i also love her in saturday night live i never miss her so thats wat i mean that i love her i wish i could meet her that is my long lost dream (if u kno wat i mean) but im also a lezbian and i love tina in a lezbian way and i think shes hot and i want to date her and have sex with her i m goin to brake up with my gurl freind bc shes only wanted to have sex with me once so yau kno so i hoopin that she will want to date me to

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