3 thoughts on “2004 Poll Closing Times

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  2. First, thanks for putting such a webpage out there.
    I am an EXPAT, living and working in Germany. For me, it will be very important to see how big the Kerry wins are in the so called ‘Safe States’ on the East Coast, hoping that this will indicate if the undecideds have (as tradition has it) truly broken with the incumbent and gone for the challenger. For instance, in NY, where Kerry has gone as high as around 59%, if he breaks over 60-62%, that would be a good sign. In NJ, where he should be doing better, if he breaks over 55%, then I would assume the entire country is swinging to him in this fashion. So many are watching only the swing states, which I can understand — but the whole trend will show itself in the safe states as well. Bush has been hitting some states in the last three days where I believe he knows he has not a rat’s chance of winning the state, but hopes to convert some duddy democrats to his side, hoping to avoid losing the popular vote again, should he win in the electoral college. I don’t think he could survive another four years without a mandate — it could even possible launch our country into a civil war and I mean that most seriously. On the good side, I come from Ohio, and all of my friends and colleagues are planning on up to 6 hour waits at the polls, and most all of them have taken the day off, and they are voting for Kerry. The word of the day in Ohio is: bring your lunchbox with you.

    Again, thanks for the site.

    Mark Rosenthal

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