Complete New Yorker DVD Bug

I’ve stumbled upon a bug on the New Yorker DVDs. I can’t access the February 20, 1989 issue. I tried to access it for a random reason but couldn’t. I e-mailed technical support and got a response a few hours later: “We have replicated this issue and are reporting it to the developers. We will keep you updated as status changes on this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.” I asked Other Jeff to check out his copy, and he can’t access it either.

I wonder if there’s a problem with other issues? After all, I doubt that out of more than 4,000 issues, I have found the only inaccessible one.

4 thoughts on “Complete New Yorker DVD Bug

  1. “We have replicated this issue,” the very best phrase you can ever get from tech support! Yay! (Because so often they can’t recreate the conditions that cause the bug, and then they treat you like a moron or tell you it’s your system config or something. *rolleyes*)

    So glad you’re otherwise enjoying your collection.

  2. I can’t search for anyone whose name begins with “O, apostrophe,” as in O’Hagan or O’Rourke. I haven’t gone to the trouble of reporting it yet, though!

  3. Here are the issues I have found missing. I reported this to tech support just in case. I compared the files to the database so I think this should be a comprehensive list:

    Sept. 6, 1947
    Feb. 20, 1989
    April 3, 1989
    July 3, 1989
    Aug. 14, 1989
    Aug. 28, 1989
    Oct. 9, 1989
    Oct. 16, 1989
    Nov. 27, 1989

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