BTTF Trilogy Chronology

As a huge Back to the Future fanboy, I can’t believe November 5, 2005 passed without my realizing its significance: it was the 50th anniversary of Doc Brown’s invention of time travel and Marty McFly’s arrival in 1955.

As a belated honor, here (because I just discovered it) is: Back to the Future: A Trilogy Chronology. In addition to a detailed minute-by-minute chronology – chock-full of notes, quotes, goofs, references, and detailed information about certain text-filled frames (such as the listings of a 1955 phone book page and the text of the front page of a 2015 copy of USA Today) – the page also has other BTTF goodies, such as Where’s the DeLorean Now?, an analysis of how many time-travelling DeLoreans exist at any given moment in time. (I’ve actually thought about that before.)

And I thought I was obsessive.

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  1. Mr. John Delorean himself died earlier this year. On Sunday, September 18, 2005, There was an article about Mr. Delorean in the glossy New York Times Style magazine, titled “He Pimped His Ride”. Much was written about Delorean and the DMC automobile. Delorean’s past, especially his years with General Motors, is interesting. Read the book “On a Clear Day, You can See General Motors”, written in the mid 1970s… Further back in time, (1955!)Delorean was an engineer for the now gone Packard car company.

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