Hoos for Hokies

Painted on Beta Bridge at UVA: “Hoos for Hokies.” (Other photos.)

Beta Bridge is a bridge at UVA that’s constantly painted and repainted to publicize an event or sentiment or whatnot, from political rallies to 21st birthdays to fundraisers to concerts. (Who knows how thick the layers of paint are after all these years.)

‘Hoos are UVA students, Hokies are Tech students, and we/they have a big, longtime rivalry.

This story is not about UVA, of course. But the outpourings of sympathy from my fellow ‘Hoos for their longtime rivals keeps making me want to cry, in a good way. From UVA’s student newspaper, the Cavalier Daily: “University students dug through their closets to find anything maroon and orange — two colors all Hoos had previously tried to avoid — to demonstrate their support of Virginia Tech at the vigil held last night.” That makes me want to cry, too.