Hillary Speaks at Old Cabell


Today’s the Virginia primary, and yesterday Hillary Clinton spoke at my alma mater, the University of Virginia. She spoke to Larry Sabato’s Introduction to American Politics class.

Maybe one day, after all the votes are counted, the oaths sworn and the stories filed, 1,000 people will remember witnessing a uniquely University of Virginia moment in the carefully scripted world of presidential politics: Hillary Clinton and U.Va. politics professor Larry Sabato swaying arm-in-arm onstage as the University Singers led an Old Cabell Hall audience in a rousing rendition of “The Good Ol’ Song.”

She spoke in Old Cabell Hall, an auditorium I know well, because it’s in the music building and it’s where my choruses performed most of their concerts. It’s cool to see photos of her there.

Here’s a podcast of the event.

6 thoughts on “Hillary Speaks at Old Cabell

  1. Oh, Chris, there’s a whole story there. Yes, it’s an integral part of the song, and it’s been part of a controversy at football games for years. See here for more info.

    (As for the second verse, barely anyone knows it exists and it’s never sung.)

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