Hillary Clinton @ Gay Pride?

Here’s a question: Will Hillary Clinton march in the New York City gay pride parade in a few weeks?

She’s marched in all the other NYC gay pride parades since she became Senator from New York (I took this picture of her from our apartment window two years ago). Except for last year. Last year she was too busy running for president, and marching in New York City’s gay pride parade probably didn’t seem like the best way to appeal to a national voter base.

But now she doesn’t have to deal with that anymore. So I wonder if she’ll march. She’d probably have a ginormous crowd.

2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton @ Gay Pride?

  1. I hate to say it, but I kind-of hope she won’t. She’s one of those people who shows up to all the parties, when everybody’s having a good time, but when the chips are really down, when she’s really needed to make a stand, is nowhere to be found. I’d rather she stayed in Albany and stirred shit in favour of the complete repeal of DOMA and DADT. But she won’t. (NB: I never said I wanted her in the White House, either.)

  2. She’s still our senator and, since she wasn’t able to angle her way into a promotion one assumes that she’s probably going to want to be reelected (I can’t see her as one willing to let go of power). So, yeah. I expect she’ll be there.

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