Sitemeter Sucks

This morning I logged into Sitemeter, my referral stats tracking program. It turns out they revamped the site over the weekend.

And now it completely sucks.

(1) The data is now rendered with Flash, so everything loads much more slowly.

(2) What used to be free you now have to pay for. I used Sitemeter because it easily, elegantly showed me where my last couple hundred blog hits had come from — what link they came from, their IP address, how long they stayed on the site. Now I can’t see any of that.

(3) Actually, I can’t see anything at all now. After you log into the new site for the first time, you have to start logging in using your email address and your password. But my password isn’t working, and although I’m supposed to get a reminder email telling me what it is, I haven’t gotten it.

They took something that worked perfectly well and they ruined it.

Everyone else thinks so too.

Can anyone recommend a good referral-tracking website for blogs?

Update: well, that was fast. I guess they got an earful from their customers.

8 thoughts on “Sitemeter Sucks

  1. I hate it when they take something perfectly fine and turn it into something completely useless!

    I hope the owners are smart enough to switch it back to the old sitemeter. But I’ve switched to statcounter just in case they’re not. :/

  2. I second statcounter. I’ve been using the free version for months and it’s great. It tells me pretty much everything I want to know about my tens of readers. ;-)

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