Obama Replaces Oval Office Photos

Although Obama has mostly kept the Bush Oval Office decor, he’s removed two paintings from prominent locations — the walls on either side of the big south-facing windows behind his desk — and restored two Clinton-era paintings that hung in the same spots. Pinkpillbox compares two before-and-after photos.

In the upper right of the photos, you can see that Obama has taken down A Charge to Keep, by W.H.D. Koerner, and replaced it with a painting of Lady Liberty’s torch that looks very bright and modern. On the other side, he’s replaced Bush’s painting with The Avenue in the Rain, by Childe Hassam.

Bill Clinton had both of those paintings in the same places in his Oval Office (at least according to his official Oval Office replica). Even President Bartlett on “The West Wing” had Avenue in the Rain in the same location at one point, no doubt in tribute to Clinton.

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