Painting Disaster

I finally painted my home office this weekend, which I’d been planning to do for several weeks. I wiped myself out and then didn’t sleep well and today I’m tired and my legs are totally sore.

And after the painting and the sweating and the cleaning up… my office looks worse than it did before.

I don’t know what went wrong. I spent weeks looking at color chips, taping them to the walls of the room, buying some samples and painting them onto pieces of white posterboard. I finally bought paint yesterday morning in a blue hue that wasn’t exactly the same as any of the samples I’d tested, but it was similar, and it was one that had been taped to my wall for a couple of weeks.

Took it home, began painting, and when I finished the first coat, it looked terrible. The blue was way too bright.

I went back to the paint store, bought another gallon one shade darker, and used that for the second coat. It didn’t really help. It’s still too bright. It looks godawful. The original room color was blah, but now it’s garish. I preferred the blah. I expended all this effort and just wound up making the room worse.

Guess who’s going to be repainting his home office next weekend? I think I’m giving up on blue entirely and choosing a shade of soothing brown instead, like milky coffee colored or something.

I’m so annoyed.