Trip Anxiety

This post is sort of an anxiety dump. Because my attempts to avoid anxiety about our upcoming trip aren’t working. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in three nights, and I had a bad stomach bug or something for the last day and a half, which thankfully seems resolved, but the anxiety won’t go away. I feel physically bleah.

My biggest fear involves our outbound flight. We’re flying on… American Airlines, which has been in the news lately for terrible performance, including terrible on-time performance. I could kick myself for choosing American. I honestly feel like a complete idiot. Why didn’t I know better?

I looked at the history of our flight, and it has taken off at least an hour late every night for the last week, except once. Last night it took off more than three hours late. So I’m worried we’ll be sitting on the tarmac trapped on an airplane, or camped out at the gate waiting to board, and I won’t get any sleep, and on top of that we’re basically going to lose a day of our trip.

I know, I sound like Mitt Romney, or some other member of the 1%. “Good heavens, our flight to Paris will be delayed!” Many people would be glad to have such a problem.

But still, the anxiety exists and it won’t go away.