Twelve Years of Blogging

I just realized, with less than 90 minutes to go, that today is my blogaversary. I started blogging twelve years ago today.

What are my secrets to continuing to blog after all this time? One: even though I don’t blog as much as I used to, I never decided to shut it down. (Well, except for that time I quit blogging for a year.) Two: I never publicly promised to rededicate myself to blogging more frequently, so there was nothing for me to live up to and therefore no reason to think I wasn’t blogging enough. I just blog when I want, about what I want.

That’s pretty much it, and that’s what I’ll continue to do.

And on we go.

2 thoughts on “Twelve Years of Blogging

  1. Happy blogoversary! You’re an inspiration! I always enjoy reading your blog and I applaud you for keeping it up. I think you’ve taken the right tack, as much as you want when you want. I’ve taken a respite from blogging. I just don’t have the time or energy. I got tired of reviewing the shows I was seeing and the theatre conversation has largely moved to twitter. But I never want to say I’m done with it – there’s always a chance I’ll return and write about something else.

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