Almost Married

At long last, this Friday, October 4, Matt and I are getting married. It will be the tenth anniversary of our first date.

Matt and I were aware of each other for quite a while before we first met in person. For a couple of years we read each other’s blogs. Matt was living in Kirksville, Missouri, and I was living up here in the New York area. The gay blogging circle was pretty small back then in 2001, small enough that most LGBT bloggers were aware of each other. Then, in the summer of 2003, Matt moved up to New York to take a job, and after a couple of months we decided we should finally meet in person, since we were living in the same area. So we got together for coffee at the Starbucks at Astor Place in Manhattan. It was Saturday, October 4, 2003.

Technically it wasn’t a date; it was just a meetup. But I thought Matt was cute, and more importantly, I felt immediately comfortable with him. I remember that he pulled out his phone and started showing me something cool on it, and there was something so cute and charming about his enthusiasm for gadgets. I just found him really appealing. We just kind of clicked.

After we left Starbucks, we walked around for a while, and then we parted ways but planned to meet up again soon. We had our first real “date” the following week. But we’ve always considered that first meetup to be our first date in retrospect, and we’ve always celebrated it as our anniversary. So we thought it would be special to get married on the same day. (It also means we get to keep the same anniversary, which is a nice benefit.)

Matt would have been happy to just go down to the Manhattan Marriage Bureau and get married by ourselves. But I wanted something a bit more celebratory. So we’re doing something in between: a small ceremony in the park with just our families, and then a somewhat larger party that night, although still not big by most wedding standards (though Matt might beg to differ). The wedding planning has made me very anxious over the last few weeks — I’ve been worried about what could go wrong, worried about my sleep, and so on. The planning has been rather, er, hit or miss (pardon the pun), and it has kept changing over the last few months. Toward the end of last year we decided we’d get married in 2013, since we predicted the Supreme Court would overturn DOMA Section 3 and our taxes would be easier this year. We thought we’d do it this past spring, but we decided we needed more time to plan and that it would be nice to get married on our anniversary. I think it was last February that we settled on this date. Back then it seemed so far away. Now it’s almost here.

So ten years later, here we are. Matt started as my online acquaintance, then became my friend, my boyfriend, and then my partner, and soon he’ll be my husband. We’ve both grown and changed a lot over the last decade, and we’ve learned a lot, too — about relationships, about ourselves about each other. Our relationship grows richer by the year.

It’s been a decade, but it’s just the beginning of our life together.

9 thoughts on “Almost Married

  1. First of all, congrats to both of you!

    I worked with Matt at Truman a ridiculously long time ago, and you’re absolutely right – his enthusiasm for gadgets is goofily charming. You should have been there when he got his first TiVo – he was absolutely insufferable. :)

  2. I’ve been to that Starbucks! From now on, I will always associate it with you and Matt! I’m so happy that you’re getting married! You are wonderful friends to me and so sweet together. xoxo

  3. Congratulations! My partner Jay and I did almost the same thing: We married 5 years ago, just shy of our 10th “anniversary,” just before Proposition 8 was passed in California. We were traveling there from Virginia, and were trying to get in under the wire with a lot of other couples who read the writing on the wall, so we weren’t quite able to make the two dates match perfectly, but near enough. :-)

    Best wishes to the two of you for a long life together!

  4. So glad to hear the good news. I can still remember having some IM chats (remember those?) in those days when you were still working up the nerve to ask Matt out. Who could have predicted it would work out so well! Best wishes to you both.

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